Fattoria Le Lecciaia Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2009


We bought this vintage 2009 bottle of Brunello a year or two ago and saved it for a special occasion. Happy birthday to me!

I reviewed a 2007 Brunello from Le Casine several months ago that was really lovely. I may have liked this one even more. Although the Le Casine was older, it’s the Le Lecciaia from 2009 that’s showing more aged brick coloring.

The nose begins with fruity scents of prune, apricot, and cherry. Earthy aromas transform to toasted oak and coffee over time. On the palate, plums, figs, and currants abound with notes of cherry vanilla, white peppercorn and licorice. Structured tannins end in a nice long finish. There is the tiniest of hard edge on the tannins.

We gave it a good, long decanting and paired with Gouda, cheddar, and parmesan cheeses.

Published by J Reilly

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