Julia Stacey Reilly (AKA the Winekindasseur) has been writing the Boozy Lifestyle blog since 2014. She has expanded upon the blog to create her new book, Boozy Lifestyle: Elevate The Everyday With Booze As Your Muse, celebrating and inspiring everyday life with entertaining tales of wine, food, booze, travel, and family.

J Reilly, as she is known on social media, is an accomplished keyboardist and singer and has been known, on occasion, to break out the Stratocaster. She worked as a technical writer and pharmaceutical consultant as a means to an early retirement so that she could spend her time being creative and actively enjoying the Boozy Lifestyle (practice what you preach!)

J Reilly is married to husband and drinking buddy, Mike, who serves as a willing and eager participant in all tastings, experiments, and recipe development. Mike and Julia owned and operated a wine and liquor store in the Northern New Jersey area.

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