Even Boozy People Need To Eat: Fast and Easy

Before Rachael Ray had her 30 Minute Meals show on the Food Network, I was becoming well-practiced in the art of a quick and semi-nutritious meal. Out of necessity, I prepared meals with limited time and budget because, after all, even boozy people need to eat.

Pairing Food and Wine, or Not

The Boozy Lifestyle goal is to avoid gastronomic catastrophe. There are some excellent books on pairing if you’re interested in a painstaking journey into balancing the flavors of food with the perfect wine

Recommending Wines

A lady walks into a liquor store and asks for a bottle of wine with a dog on the label. No, this isn’t the beginning of a “girl walks into a bar” joke. A customer asked us to find this bottle amidst the 1200 wines in the store. After a bit of sleuthing (white or red helped narrow the field) and realizing that the dog was actually a fox, we identified her Foxhorn Merlot.


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