Bobal de San Juan 2012

Bobal de SanJuan

Bobal is a grape varietal native to Valencia, Spain grown predominantly in the Utiel-Requena DO (Denominación de Origen). It’s relatively obscure but, surprisingly, is Spain’s third most-planted grape. Until recently, Bobal was mainly used as a blending grape to provide color and acidity to more popular varietal wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell. In the last few years, producers have been marketing Bobal varietal wines to a growing following.

Bobal de San Juan has a deep, intense garnet color that is characteristic of the varietal. The nose is undemonstrative, with herbal and floral qualities dominating, followed by light berries. The medium-bodied palate is crammed with juicy cherries and blueberry jam. Its flavor is vivid and fresh with bright acidity. A moderate-length finish is smooth and easy to the end.

Although Bobal de San Juan is somewhat utilitarian in its lack of complexity and oak, it solidly performs as a simple and delicious Spanish table wine, especially at a $10 price point. Try this varietal if you are a fan of Beaujolais or Petite Sirah.

Bobal de San Juan paired nicely with our leftover turkey breast with fennel.

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