Recommending Wines

A lady walks into a liquor store and asks for a bottle of wine with a dog on the label. No, this isn’t the beginning of a “girl walks into a bar” joke. A customer asked us to find this bottle amidst the 1200 wines in the store. After a bit of sleuthing (white or red helped narrow the field) and realizing that the dog was actually a fox, we identified her Foxhorn Merlot.

Boozy Beginnings

Inspiration struck during cocktail hour one evening when I referred to our routine as our “boozy lifestyle”. In a trendy culture of beauty, fitness, and fashion lifestyle gurus, the idea of being a boozy lifestyle expert carries a measure of irony with it. The word ‘boozy’ expresses just the irreverence I was looking for; not youthful, feminine, or especially well-mannered.

End of Summer Lobster Lover

Carmen’s Seafood Restaurant in Sea Isle New Jersey, like many of the shore town restaurants, closes for the winter. It makes perfect sense considering the restaurant has no outside walls. (Just a few interior walls like for the kitchen and the restrooms.) To clear out the larder before the season ends, they have a belly-buster, fixed price, all the seafood you can imagine dinner. The idea sounds great in theory, but my belly doesn’t need busting at this point, so we go for the lobster. In particular, the post-Labor Day two lobster lunch special (no sharing allowed.)