Dry January vs. Dry Two Days A Week

When I first heard of Dry January several years ago, I recoiled in horror. A whole month without a drop of liquid relaxation in my glass! “Perish the thought!” I said to no one in particular. Dry January seems to have started as a grass roots movement. It grew into a public health campaign byContinue reading “Dry January vs. Dry Two Days A Week”

Boozy Beginnings

Inspiration struck during cocktail hour one evening when I referred to our routine as our “boozy lifestyle”. In a trendy culture of beauty, fitness, and fashion lifestyle gurus, the idea of being a boozy lifestyle expert carries a measure of irony with it. The word ‘boozy’ expresses just the irreverence I was looking for; not youthful, feminine, or especially well-mannered.

A “State” Of Mistaken Identity

In the spirit of drinking games that have you take a sip whenever a word or phrase is spoken, we’ve adapted our version to Philadelphia’s Action News and the code word is “Schuylkill” (pronounced SKOO-kul). Since we’re new to the area, the place name Schuylkill has a novel sound to our unfamiliar ears. And itContinue reading “A “State” Of Mistaken Identity”