A “State” Of Mistaken Identity

In the spirit of drinking games that have you take a sip whenever a word or phrase is spoken, we’ve adapted our version to Philadelphia’s Action News and the code word is “Schuylkill” (pronounced SKOO-kul). Since we’re new to the area, the place name Schuylkill has a novel sound to our unfamiliar ears. And itContinue reading “A “State” Of Mistaken Identity”

Converting My Analog Past to the Digital Present – Part 2

In a couple of related posts I waxed nostalgic over belongings that have resurfaced after being tucked away in the bottom of closets, stuffed into the backs of cupboards, and lost in the land that time forgot (AKA “the basement”). I’m happy to say that in the past year many items were put into serviceContinue reading “Converting My Analog Past to the Digital Present – Part 2”

Nostalgia is taking over my life!

It started with a confluence of free time and the need to pare down our collection of stuff. What better way to take advantage of being unemployed than tending to long-ignored projects around the house. Downsizing and moving to a cheaper cost-of-living area is now within our less-than-five-year plan. I’m borrowing the exercise mantra “useContinue reading “Nostalgia is taking over my life!”