In Search Of Wine Along The Rhine – Part 2

Strasbourg, in the Alsace region of France, is known for its unique blending of Frankish and Germanic cultures. The region has alternately belonged to either France or Germany for centuries. The result is a robust wine, beer, and food culture that I was excited to experience for myself.

WSET and Me

We were told that the exam would be a “closed book” test although I had no idea at the time how that would be accomplished with an online test. It turned out that setting up a laptop and phone with apps, video, audio, and scanning your room to show the proctor that you aren’t hiding crib notes or a wine expert under your desk was harder than the actual exam.

What To Do With A Big Box Of Arugula

Impulse buys at the supermarket can be dangerous. Black and white cookies from the bakery, premium ice cream, or even over-priced filet mignon or lobster tails are guilt-inducing purchases. But impulse buys can be healthy choices, too. Baby arugula, fresh bright green leaves in a big 11-ounce box for only $5 had me at “hello”.Continue reading “What To Do With A Big Box Of Arugula”