Goldilocks and the Three Bourbons: Making Old Fashioned Cocktails

Making Old Fashioned cocktails with three different bourbons turned into a Goldilocks and the Three Bears kind of story. First Goldilocks muddled two orange wedges and 2 maraschino cherries way too hard. Too fruity! Next Goldilocks used an orange slice and cherries as garnish with no muddling. Not fruity at all! Finally, Goldilocks muddled gently and the Old Fashioned turned out just right, the perfect balance of fruit, bitters, and bourbon.

Cranberry Juice and Vodka Drink Lab

We’ve chosen the Capescrew and the Classic Cosmopolitan for tonight’s drink lab. The Capescrew is a mash up of a Screwdriver, made with vodka and orange juice, and a Cape Cod, made with vodka and cranberry juice. The Cosmo is classic cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and a splash of lime.

Snow Day Baked Ziti Paired With Amarone

While my drinking buddy is snow-blowing the 16 inches of white stuff that was dumped on the northeast coast, I’m feeling hygge (Danish for coziness) inside. Alexa is playing my Amazon playlist as I scurry around the kitchen, readying bowls, pots, casserole dish, and the endless number of ingredients for Rachael Ray’s Two Sauce Baked Ziti.