Artemis Cab and Fondue For Valentine’s Day

We’re becoming well-practiced in the art of fondue as our go-to holiday meal for two. It’s an entertaining activity we both enjoy that culminates in a scrumptious meal. A fair division of labor keeps the hour or more of prep time from becoming drudgery. We start in the afternoon making the sauces, Green Goddess, portContinue reading “Artemis Cab and Fondue For Valentine’s Day”

Fondue Family Tradition

My husband’s family tradition for Christmas Eve dinner is gathering around the fondue pot where bite-sized pieces of chicken, beef, and cocktail franks are skewered with a fondue fork and cooked in a cauldron of hot vegetable oil. With a few new ideas from The Melting Pot restaurant, we stepped up the family tradition with someContinue reading “Fondue Family Tradition”

Merryvale and Fondue with my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday for showing your significant other how much you care, however, the oversaturation of public marriage proposals, TV weddings, and over-the-top gifts are turning me sour. We’ve had enough of dinner reservations made far in advance, harried servers waiting on the masses, and “special” menus that are over-priced and underachieve.Continue reading “Merryvale and Fondue with my Valentine”