Cheap Cab Throwdown-McManis vs. Josh

A while back we discovered a Cabernet Sauvignon from McManis Family Vineyards in California’s northern interior area, a nicely balanced, value-priced wine that was excellent for everyday consumption. A couple of months later we bought Josh, a popular California Cab from Total Wine that we thought was pretty good, but is it better than McManis? This question calls for a throwdown.

Artemis Cab and Fondue For Valentine’s Day

We’re becoming well-practiced in the art of fondue as our go-to holiday meal for two. It’s an entertaining activity we both enjoy that culminates in a scrumptious meal. A fair division of labor keeps the hour or more of prep time from becoming drudgery. We start in the afternoon making the sauces, Green Goddess, portContinue reading “Artemis Cab and Fondue For Valentine’s Day”

Simi Cab Vintage Throwdown: 2007 vs. 2013

For the New Year, 2016, we’ve decided to say goodbye to 2007. I’m referring to our last bottle of 2007 Simi Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley in Sonoma, California. We first tasted Simi in 2010 when we owned our liquor store and brought home a bottle of the 2007 vintage. We liked it well enoughContinue reading “Simi Cab Vintage Throwdown: 2007 vs. 2013”

McManis Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

There aren’t many $10 wines that deliver as well as McManis Cabernet Sauvignon. I guess that’s why several vintages have recently made the Wine Enthusiast Best Buy List. The McManis Vineyard is a family owned and operated winery located near the town of Ripon, California. Ron McManis joined the family business in 1979, becoming theContinue reading “McManis Cabernet Sauvignon 2014”