Daglia Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

The growing season of 2011 was challenging for many California wine growers. Napa suffered from a cold, wet spring and late, rainy harvest with a threat of noble rot. With this in mind, I was a bit skeptical when the wine merchant recommended the 2011 Daglia Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon. But all things considered, it certainlyContinue reading “Daglia Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon 2011”

Oak Ridge Zinfandel Throw Down

We’ve recently been enjoying wines from Oak Ridge Winery in Lodi, California. For our throw down we’ll pit a 2012 Oak Ridge Old Vine Zinfandel at a cost of about $14 against their 2011 Reserve Zinfandel which costs $24. Our goal is to see if we can taste a $10 difference. The $14 Zinfandel exhibitsContinue reading “Oak Ridge Zinfandel Throw Down”

Gnarled Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

We went to a trade show recently and were very impressed with the wines from Oak Ridge Winery in Lodi, California. Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel is especially first-rate and the Oak Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon and Ancient Vine Zinfandel are very good value wines at about $14 retail. At our local wine store, the OakContinue reading “Gnarled Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2012”

H3 Horse Heaven Hills Les Chevaux Red Blend 2011

The H3 Red Blend from Columbia Crest Winery can be categorized as a value wine that delivers a lot for the price. The winery is located along the Columbia River in eastern Washington State. This dark ruby blend is comprised of Syrah and Merlot. The nose starts with blueberry jam followed by a layer ofContinue reading “H3 Horse Heaven Hills Les Chevaux Red Blend 2011”

Bogle Essential Red

In keeping with drinking on a budget, we tend to save our better, and usually pricier wines, for the weekends. Our weekday wines are of the “best bang for the buck” value variety. Bogle Essential Red is the newcomer to our weekday wine collection. This red blend is comprised of Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah. TheContinue reading “Bogle Essential Red”

Cloudline Pinot Noir 2013

Our takeaway from sampling many different Pinot Noirs is that, in general, no two Pinots taste alike. Buying a bottle of Pinot Noir is a crapshoot, we may love it or hate it. We took a gamble on the 2013 Cloudline Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. Willamette Valley in Oregon has a cool, moist climate,Continue reading “Cloudline Pinot Noir 2013”