And Now For Something Completely Different

Recent dental work has been dampening my enthusiasm for writing about food and wine so in its place I’d like to share some of my bird photos with you. On occasion I get off my duff to look for birds, hiking through the woods or along the shore. But for the most part I prefer to let the birds come to me to feast on black-oiled sunflower seeds from my bird feeder.

A cardinal and a rose-breasted grosbeak share a meal.


A fearless little black-capped chickadee.


Many of these little brown jobs look alike, but the aggressive behavior of this one made me think he’s a pine siskin.


A juvenile red-breasted woodpecker still with some downy feathers. He appeared with mom and dad who fed him and taught him how to eat from the feeder.


Wild turkeys eat the seed that fell on the ground below, and sometimes fly up to the deck to get to the bird feeder.


Male wild turkeys got swagger. See how interested the females are in their show.


A pair of goldfinches.


The junco signals the arrival of winter. He’s only with us from November through March.



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