Decoding Oven Racks: 101

I have some questions about my new Frigidaire Gallery Gas Range. I’m working the stovetop with panache (except that I can’t cook rice, even on the lowest setting, without the pot boiling over.) I’ve even been able to turn on the oven and roast some stuff. But the removable rack configuration has me baffled.

The oven came with three racks. Why does one of them have a metal tab hanging down on each side?

Decoding Oven Racks

If I place a rack in the slot located at the very bottom, I can’t close the oven door. Why are these strange metal pieces screwed into the inside of the oven door?

Decoding Oven Racks2

I read through the manual, but to no avail. To add to this mystery, I discover two homeless range parts.

IMG_20190428_110718855 (2)

After poking around on the internet for half an hour, this query in Google yields results: “Frigidaire Gallery range how to install racks”. Apparently, we have an “Effortless Oven Rack System” I didn’t know about.

IMG_20190428_111132499 During cocktail hour, I tell my drinking buddy (aka spouse) about this blog post and mention my pot-boiling-over dilemma upon which he immediately Googles “gas stove burners too hot” and comes up with this fix.

IMG_20190428_181246013 (2)

Perusing the appliance manual reminds me that we bought a convection oven that I’ve yet to try and I have a big old roast beef in the freezer just waiting to become my next post.

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