Use it or lose it: what to do with leftover beer and wine

In conversation with a customer in our liquor store one day, she begins reminiscing about her wedding 40 years ago. She is wondering what to do the leftover wine that she had saved from the reception and asks if we would be interested in it. We’re thinking 40 years is a long time but a good Bordeaux or the like might be worthwhile. Then she drops a bomb. The wine bottles are open. We suppress a gasp and politely decline the offer.
If the leftover growler or wine bottle didn’t find its way back to the refrigerator at the end of the party, pour it out. If you took care to pump the air out of the wine bottle, it may be drinkable for another day or two, depending on the wine.
Beer in a growler can go flat in a couple of days. Some recipe ideas for beer include beer and cheddar soup for leftover lager or pilsner, beef stew for Belgian-style ales, and our favorite, sausage with a stout or porter. According to this article, marinating your red meat in beer lowers cancer risk:
Wine can enhance lots of dishes including chicken, pork, beef and pasta sauce. You can find recipes online or experiment on your own. If the wine pairs well with the food it’s a safe bet it will work in your recipe, too. We love to soak mushrooms in red wine or port.
There are tons of recipes with beer or wine detailed online (,,

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