Brazin Old Vine Zin

We enjoy the bold spiciness of Seven Deadly Zins and set out to find another wine in the same vein. Based on a few online reviews, we selected the 2010 Brazin (B) Old Vine Zin from Lodi, CA. The wine’s name is very descriptive of its personality. Brazin is brazen, a bold and unabashedly flavorful wine.
Swirling produced good legs and the alcohol content clocks in at 15%. The nose is big and full of plum, with some earthiness. The taste is a good representation of Zinfandel with bright berry and spice flavors. The heat of the alcohol is off-set by deeply concentrated fruit, giving the wine a measure of balance. The medium long finish ends with a pop. Maybe it’s the alcohol having the last word.
Brazin is fun to bring for a party or get-together and is a bargain at under $15.

Published by J Reilly

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