Eruption 2012

We are a bit wary of wines with wacky or funny labels but we were enticed by a promotional sale at our local wine shop to try a red blend called Eruption. The label indicates that it is a 2012 proprietary red wine from Volcano Ridge Vineyard in the High Valley Appellation offered by Brassfield Estate Winery. The varietals are not indicated on the label so we take the opportunity to taste and guess.
The pour is inky and some sediment is detected. A few good swirls bring out a nose of dark fruit and a hint of mocha. On the palate, the profusion of flavors starts off as chaotic and confusing, but are balanced out by soft tannins and good acidity. The wine leaves with a bit of alcohol on a medium-long finish.
From our tasting we surmise that the blend contains Syrah and then we check online to see if we’re close. We first check out a review by the Savvy Lush where the blend is described as a kitchen sink of 7 different varietals and the second one is Tempranillo. It doesn’t seem right given the deep color and full body of the pour. We read a little further and realize that Savvy Lush has reviewed the 2010 vintage and we are drinking 2012. We move on to the winery notes from the 2012 vintage and discover that the wine contains 4 varietals: Syrah, Malbec, Mourvèdre, and Petite Sirah. This has turned out to be a good lesson in how much blends can change from one vintage to the next.
Overall, Eruption provided a good value at $14 but my drinking buddy was more interested than me to buy again.

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