Argiano Non Confunditur Rosso Toscano 2011

I recently wrote about Tosca Rosso Toscano which was a winner for us in the $9 – $15 range. Argiano Non Confunditur Rosso Toscano 2011 is a big hit in the $16 – $20 range. Hues of rich ruby red and dark plum fill the glass. The nose is a subtle balance of currant and anise. The alcohol at 14.5% is evident. The real strength of this full-bodied wine is its balance. The juicy dark fruit and soft tannins sing in beautiful harmony. Hints of spice and earthiness round out the palate. A nice long finish leaves a lingering trace of dried fruit. Argiano Non Confunditur is 40% Cabernet, 20% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 20% Syrah.
We paired Argiano Non Confunditur with a chunk of really good Parmagiano Reggiano cheese, followed by pasta alfredo with asparagus and cocktail-size meatballs. Perfecto!

Published by J Reilly

I've been writing the Boozy Lifestyle blog since 2014 and recently expanded upon it to create my new book, Boozy Lifestyle: Elevate The Everyday With Booze As Your Muse. The book is a collection of stories celebrating and inspiring everyday life with entertaining tales of wine, food, booze, travel, and family, and including over 50 food and drink recipes. Visit me on Twitter at J Reilly@Boozy_Lifestyle or

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