A Night of Frank Sinatra in NYC

We live only a short trip to Manhattan, but for all the City has to offer, we don’t go there nearly enough. Saturday was the exception with a fun-filled itinerary of adult activities organized by my brother-in-law.

We arrived a half hour before the meeting time and found a small park to admire the building architecture and to people-watch. The group met at Ivy’s at 8th Ave. and 56th for cocktail hour. In this neighborhood, there are several bars offering happy hour, even on Saturday. Ivy’s offers a selection of wines, beers, and mixed drinks for $5. At 5 p.m., there were plenty of available seats at the bar and tables along the wall. The bar service was good and the vibe of the bar is very friendly.

With a happy hour buzz, we proceed to Patsy’s on West 56th Street. Patsy’s claim to fame is being the favorite of Frank Sinatra and many other stars, as evidenced by the celebrity photos adorning every wall. Patsy’s is a New York show-biz institution serving Italian comfort food since 1944. The food was well-prepared and the Merryvale Napa Cabernet was the perfect compliment. We had a large table upstairs and the service was very professional.

With our bellies full at dinner’s end, we’re off to the Carnegie Club, also on 56th, for Steven Maglio’s show. The Club has nicely laid out comfortable seating, some with good views of the band. Our round of cocktails was served in no time. Maglio and his 11 piece band, Stan Rubin Orchestra, perform Sinatra and other songs of the era impeccably. Maglio is not an impersonator, but interprets the classic jazz standards with showmanship and pizzazz. My mother-in-law, at age 87, sang along to every tune. The only downside is for the non-smokers as this is a cigar bar, however, ventilation is adequate.

This night of Frank Sinatra was one of those New York moments that we will always remember.

Published by J Reilly

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