H3 Horse Heaven Hills Les Chevaux Red Blend 2011


The H3 Red Blend from Columbia Crest Winery can be categorized as a value wine that delivers a lot for the price. The winery is located along the Columbia River in eastern Washington State. This dark ruby blend is comprised of Syrah and Merlot.

The nose starts with blueberry jam followed by a layer of vanilla. A medium-bodied mouth feel yields plum and blackberry mixed with walnuts and oregano. This red blend from Washington exhibits some minerality that we haven’t experienced in California blends. The fairly long finish ends with peppery dark chocolate. All in all, it’s a great value at about $13.

Published by J Reilly

I've been writing the Boozy Lifestyle blog since 2014 and recently expanded upon it to create my new book, Boozy Lifestyle: Elevate The Everyday With Booze As Your Muse. The book is a collection of stories celebrating and inspiring everyday life with entertaining tales of wine, food, booze, travel, and family, and including over 50 food and drink recipes. Visit me on Twitter at J Reilly@Boozy_Lifestyle or BoozyLifestyle.com

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