What To Do With A Big Box Of Arugula

Impulse buys at the supermarket can be dangerous. Black and white cookies from the bakery, premium ice cream, or even over-priced filet mignon or lobster tails are guilt-inducing purchases. But impulse buys can be healthy choices, too. Baby arugula, fresh bright green leaves in a big 11-ounce box for only $5 had me at “hello”.Continue reading “What To Do With A Big Box Of Arugula”

Main Course Summer Salad

Living in a climate of cold winters and hot summers, we find our food and wine changing with the seasons as well. Summer is abundant with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables; tomatoes, corn, eggplant, squash, beans, and juicy ripe peaches. What better way to enjoy the raw crispness of summer vegetables than salad. TontonContinue reading “Main Course Summer Salad”