Misadventures in Real Estate: Part 4 – The Realtor Cam, Oh Yes I Did!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that potential buyers want to look in your pantry and kitchen cabinets. Maybe I was a little curious as to why they looked in the refrigerator. Open houses are the best for observing what happens when the cage door springs open, and little creatures are set loose upon your home.

Misadventures in Real Estate: Part 3 – Selling Your House Is Emotional

When our realtor told us that selling your home is ’emotional’ I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. Did she think we would feel sad and sentimental about leaving the place we called home for 17 years? I came to realize that the emotions to which she was referring weren’t at all related to nostalgia.

Misadventures in Real Estate: Part 1 – Nature Abhors A Vacuum

The fog that clouded my ability to see the funny in any given situation is beginning to lift. In the throes of my real estate debacle, I wasn’t able to laugh at the absurd. Weeks after the closing, I was still suffering from post-traumatic stress; but with the passage of time, my perception of the ridiculousness of events morphs from nightmarish to dark comedy as I feel my old self returning.