Former Vegetarian’s First Attempt At Cooking Prime Rib

In case you are wondering why it’s taken me so long to make a standing rib roast for the first time, once upon a time I was a vegetarian. It didn’t make much sense considering how much I loved a juicy rare steak, but I sacrificed my meat-eating ways to be in synch with my boyfriend. Ah, the things we do for love!

Decoding Oven Racks: 101

I have some questions about my new Frigidaire Gallery Gas Range. I’m working the stovetop with panache (except that I can’t cook rice, even on the lowest setting, without the pot boiling over.) I’ve even been able to turn on the oven and roast some stuff. But the removable rack configuration has me baffled. TheContinue reading “Decoding Oven Racks: 101”

Amaro and the Italian American

Two bottles of Italian liqueurs have been languishing in the liquor cabinet and threatened with drain pouring and bottle recycling by the Keeper of the Cabinet (aka spouse). “Oh, noooo…” say I in my best Mr. Bill impersonation. But what will we do with Amaro Montenegro and Amaro CioCiaro? First, we taste. Amaro is aContinue reading “Amaro and the Italian American”

A “State” Of Mistaken Identity

In the spirit of drinking games that have you take a sip whenever a word or phrase is spoken, we’ve adapted our version to Philadelphia’s Action News and the code word is “Schuylkill” (pronounced SKOO-kul). Since we’re new to the area, the place name Schuylkill has a novel sound to our unfamiliar ears. And itContinue reading “A “State” Of Mistaken Identity”